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TREEQULHAQ Member Agreement Policy

Member Agreement Policy

1.     No member is allowed to get monetary profit or political advantage using TREEQULHAQ® platform.

2.    Every member is bound to obey the decision of his director / manager. However, he is free to give advise in any matter.

3.    If any member is found participant in willful propaganda which damages the very image of TREEQULHAQ®, not only his membership will be cancelled but also he will be sued accordingly.  For example every rally and protest will be peaceful, any breakage will damage the image.

4.    Every member will deposit at least Rs/ 100 as monthly fund, but if he cannot, then he will convince someone to deposit same as his replacement.

5.     Every member will try to increase his score. 1 member making = 10 points, submitting blasphemous link = 25 points, reporting blasphemous link = 50 points, blocking blasphemous link = 100 points, distributing brochure to 10 people = 2 points, submitting fund regularly for 3 months = 5 points, forwarding TREEQULHAQ® introductory smsto 100 people= 1 point.

6.    A member may apply for city manager after aggregate score of 300 points, may apply for directorship on reaching 500 points with 3 months experience as manager and may claim TREEQULHAQ® gift on 1000 points.

7.    Every member will regularly attend weekly meeting, monthly conference, rallys, Seminar and Holy Birthday celebrations of Holy Prophet (May Allah’s Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him).

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