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That Ummah has no right to live; whose Prophet علیہ الصلوۃ و السلام is abused. (Imam Malik –Kitab-u-Shifa 2/223)

TREEQULHAQ INTERNATIONAL is non-profit, free from sectarianism, pro-Pakistani NGO, voice of Pakistani public, think tank & CERT. It assists Govt/PTA to block blasphemous content in any media, advocates freedom of right speech (FoRS) and performs research on Safeguarding Sanctity of Prophet-Hood. TREEQULHAQ fully supports the PECA in its current form and strongly condemns any further changes (especially in clause 34 …in glory of Islam.., 25 & 9) dictated by any Ant-Islam & Anti-Pakistan NGO. We believe in giving supreme authority to PTA/FIA to immediately block blasphemous content. We fully support May 2012, the Ministry issued directive to PTA [Annexure ‘A’, Reference: 42].


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