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 TreequlHaq Academy


To teach Quran  Online to help Muslim Ummah. Online Quran Learning, a leading and exclusive Online Tutoring & Distance learning company from Pakistan, provides one to one Online Quran Reading Education Plus Scholarly Islamic Teachings to all individuals ranging from the age of 4 to 70. Established in 2013 by treequlhaq after mashwara from board of directors, our aim is to form Scholars at an affordable rate. With an uncompromising commitment to quality, our team will produce an international standard of Education.      

How Its Works

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Internet Connection / Skype
  • Headphone/Speakers
  • Microphone

For visual contact you will need to have net-meeting software and for audio contact telephony software. You may download these software from internet free of cost. Our engineering team will assist you in this regard.

Our features

  • We Teach 3 days a week
  • Any of your convenient class timing is available
  • Learn Quran with Tajweed
  • 3 Days Free Trial Class
  • Qualified Tutors
  • Online Books (Free of Cost)


1. After Completing registration process you will receive E-mail for confirmation. 2. Download Skype from here and create your Skype ID. 3. Add treequlhaq to your Skype ID so we can communicate via Skype. 4. Download gotomeeting/ teamviewer from

Courses Offered…

  • Scholar Course (8 yrs) or Dars Nizam
  • Quran reading / Tajweed
  • Principals of Hadith


Our faculty are all Scholars and Hafiz-i-Quran (they have memorized whole Qu’ran). They are well aware of the rules of Recitation, and are university graduates with a degree in Islamic Studies. They are well trained to teach the Quran, Arabic and Urdu. They have an excellent command on the English, Arabic and Urdu languages and are able to converse with their students and deliver lectures effectively. Our faculty is highly motivated and, as understand the complexities faced in this profession, have the drive to go for maximum results.

Who Can Learn?

Anyone with internet connection and  a computer can learn with us.

Why choose Us?

Our aim is to provide the Quran teaching service to Muslim Ummah. We intend providing our services via the internet to all the Muslim Ummah in USA ,UK, Canada, Australia and other countries wih our well trained, well experienced faculty. Our Company employs all the activities that promote team work and this will get reflected in our success & learner satisfaction.


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