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How to Check Blocking of Reported Link in Facebook

1. 1st Method to confirm that reported link has been blocked or not; You can go to facebook support dashboard.
There are 99% chances that your link is not blocked…as facebook is in hands of bunch of blasphemars.,
Facebook never blocks a profile, id, page, group etc, however it may block 1 odd photo. So, you may resort to reporting all photos, posts etc separately of a blasphemous page/group/id/place etc. It is clear from Facebook Note after not blocking:
“If you have an issue with something on the page, be sure to report the content (ex: a photo), not the entire page. That way, your report will be more accurately reviewed.”

Its also evident from my own support dashboard (See below). I reported 23 blasphemous links (7 pages, 1 place, 3 profiles, 11 photos, 1 group), out of which no pages, groups, places, profiles were removed, 4 photos were removed, 2 photoes restored again, 1 photo may be removed by blasphemer. So, after years of effort, no page is removed, only 1 photo is removed in net and that photo may also be restored after few weeks. But this statistics should not dissheart a Muslim Blocker, we will keep doing our utmost, God Willing.

Note: Facebook may temporarily revoke and you get happy, facebook may restore link again after few months (as twitter did) So, you must keep revisiting blocked link of and on for validity. Same is also clear from following picture.

fb support dashboard statistics

However you must not forget to submit your feedback. Following is sample feedback, just copy and paste:

“Always block satirical content disrespecting Holy Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him). Make it a part of your Terms of Service & Reference. This blasphemous content on facebook may spark violence in masses and you might end up in fate like youtube embarrassment in court. So, open up a Censor Watch Department which keeps an eye on porn and satirical content. This will help keeping violence off the facebook. ”

fb support dashbrd feedback
2. 2nd Method to know whether link is blocked or not is: Open the blasphemous link with proxy in two countries at least and 2 browsers. (You may get hint from indirect link if u click and it says,” The page you requested was not found”. But it often gives erroneous reading also, so check on other browser.)


Why to and How To Make Indirect Reporting Link in Facebook

If you happen to see satirical material, report it immediately@. But, in addition if you want (and you must) to refer many to report. But by referring to 1000 people, blasphemous link is spread to 1000 people with 110 percent surety but 1 percent blocking probability. Today many Muslims are placing blasphemous links on facebook for reporting. No doubt their intent is good but unintentionally blasphemous material gets spread and that’s what the intention of blasphemar is. There is another safe way; i.e., by INDIRECT LINK for reporting so that, blasphemous page gets not visible/ viral to public and blasphemy is not spread.


STEP # 1: CONVERT TO MOBILE FORMAT Open blasphemous link (post, page, group, photo, place, profile/id etc). Convert address to mobile format by replacing www with m.
STEP # 2: SELECT REPORTING OPTIONS Select report option and continue clicking appropriate options.
STEP # 3: COPY INDIRECT LINK URL before submitting; at any stage, usually 2nd last, is chosen as INDIRECT LINK for ease of reporters, copy it. (You may or may not shorten it for beautification via or
STEP # 4: SPREAD FOR MASS REPORTING Now can put it freely on pages / timelines / groups for reporting. (Tell people to click, when they click only reporting options will appear. In this way everyone will report but will not be able to see blasphemy and intent of blasphemer for publishing will not be fulfilled. (The more the people report from various IPs with different reporting options, the more likely is its blocking))
@Note: INDIRECT LINK should be told only to persons who have capability to block like: Muslim Hackers, Muslim Country TRAs (Telecommunication Regulatory Authorities), Muslim CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Teams), Muslim Presidents etc.
*Note: InDirect Link may not be possible in facebook mobile application.

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