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Save Rohingya Muslims

The Petition

Non-Ant killer, un-Peaceful Buddhists crossed all limits of brutality.

Its time for Muslims to rise.

The reason of this all is avoidance of Muslims from Jehad; i.e., there is no one to strike terror into the hearts of Budhists so that they fear and refrain.

Final solution is not in mere condemnations, resolutions or pressurizing UN.  The only solution is revival of Jehad.


1. All Muslims countries to arrest Buddhist ambassadors and boycott economic relations with Burma.

2. OIC to play part.

3. Pakistan, Turkey and General (R) Raheel led Saudi coalition forces must attack Myanmar to save Muslims.

(General Qamar Bajwa! if you attack Burma and liberate Rohingya Muslims, you will be called 2nd Muhammad Bin Qasim or قاسم ثانی in Muslim History. )

Sign the Petition below if you agree, by writing in comments: e.g.,

“I am Ahmad from Bulgharia. I sign the Petition”.